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Rachel pasche

Writing Portfolio

My Books

Greater Than A Tourist: Laguna Beach

Guidebook to Laguna Beach, published in 2019 through CYZK Publishing.

Experience Traverse City


Guidebook to Traverse City, due for publication in Fall 2021 (publishing delayed due to COVID-19) through Jenkins Group Publishing. 

Coming Soon


My Articles


Wide Open Media

Wide Open Eats, 2021

Wide Open Spaces, 2021

Wide Open Spaces, 2021

Wide Open Country 2021

Wide Open Country 2021

Blog Work

Romance Writing Academy Blog, 2021

Romance Writing Academy Blog, 2021

Romance Writing Academy Blog, 2021

Romance Writing Academy Blog, 2021

Independent Publisher, 2017

My Story


I'm Rachel Pasche, a freelance writer based in Arizona. I received my Bachelor's at the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing in 2018 and have been exploring the different ways one uses a liberal arts degree since. I've written guide books, published short-form blog articles for companies, and long-form pieces for magazines.


While my writing focus is currently on travel and literary techniques, I also have experience working with SEO and website copy.  



New World Nomads is a collaborative blog hosted by myself and another freelance writer based in Nevada. To avoid traveling alone, we often meet up and complete assignments together. This blog is a series of our honest reflections on the different adventures we take on writing assignments (plus all of the things we're learning along the way). All our travel is meticulously COVID-19 friendly, and much of it features us teaching ourselves how to boondock, haul trailers, and other things we never thought we'd be doing. 

My Blog
My Life


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